Drinking Diaries: The Question

Is the pleasure of drinking worth the suffering it causes? Yes. If it is. Only you know. I couldn’t deny, at some point, that the amount of perceived pleasure I thought I was receiving wasn’t worth the damage, the suffering I experienced later. And I am not talking about a physical sickness, but just a sadness, a tiredness, the hassle factor that seemed to be greater depending on the amount consumed. The scales weren’t level anymore. The fun wasn’t a sure thing. The drinks weren’t necessary packing the punch I was later paying (“paining” ) for. Having 3 hours of liquid ingested wasn’t worth 7 compromised hours of sleep and another 6 hours of heavy thoughts, shit skin, subtle to huge anxiety (depending on what I had to accomplish) and just a bummer sense of self. It wasn’t worth it anymore. Not anymore. For me. It’s not everyone’s progression that the Party Pain is getting more painful. Why am I telling you this? Because I was “unaware” then. Unaware that the good times weren’t going to come to a screeching halt. I thought the party would be officially over. Done. Ka-put, fini. Over and Out. This was an untruth that kept me in my out of balance habit. Good news my friends who may still be reading …. intrigued and curious.

It only gets better, shinier, fresher, “realer” in a “real good” way. If your scales are starting to weigh heavier on the “not worth it” side. Get excited, there’s hope, and a wonderful way. It’s not party over- it is Just beginning. Loving life! Nicole

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