Everyone has something - Right? Something they would like to either change, shift or get rid of.

Raven Yoga is for freedom from or to _________.


For me, Raven is a symbol of freedom from the unhealthy cycle of consuming alcohol followed by feeling guilt, shame or regret about consuming alcohol. 

Take off the mask

Once I was willing to acknowledge my conflict, share my story and be open for healing then I began to exit the cage. The symbol of a strong, powerful raven in a birdcage is how I felt with my conflict concerning alcohol. I could not get out of the cage (cycle of drinking). 


The combination of sharing, yoga, listening, willingness and community has helped me find my wings and take to the air. Raven Yoga is a practice of discovering who we are under the covers (eating, drinking, using, shopping)  of looking away. A coming home, back to ourselves. A recovery, uncovering, a re-discovery of our true selves.


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