Drinking Diaries: I lost 3 friends.

In 1 year. I lost 3 friends. I gained 8 pounds. I lost a vivacious social life. I gained 365 good nights of solid sleep, and gained 365 fresh, spry happy MORNINGS. I lost my old insecure, unworthy self talk. I gained $20-$60 day (5 days a week) around $200 a week, $600-$800 month for 12 months is about $8400. I gained $8400! I lost hangovers of all kind, subtle or gross (really gross). I gained, and enjoy it, double the work capacity, so 50% more output. ($ not sure how much money that translates to). I lost boredom. I gained a new house, car and puppy. I lost boredom. what the hell did i just say? that is the thing i thought i would gain… omg. I gained confidence and self love. I lost the dark circles under my eyes and bloated everything. I gained a good taste for chocolate and lattes. I lost my soul, back there in a drinking night, that i barely remember. But, I gained it back, and more. and so much more. I lost so much time drinking and recovering from it. I GAINED time, TIME is what I gained. TIME is what i am Most happy about. TIME is MINE.

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