The Middle Path

Well, if it comes to making money, or working out or drinking water or something to and become an “opportunist”. (this is the kind of thinking that got me into this mess). The Middle Path means Middle Fucking Path, no matter what it is NICOLE, even if it’s free of charge, free of calories, or no one is looking. My problem is that I thought more was better. So, if there was an opportunity to work-out more, earn more, travel more, do more, anything with “more” attached to it then I was IN for MORE of that. “Wait” you say, there is some things you should do more of. Yes, but Only if you are not in the middle yet. If you don’t have a healthy diet, you should focus more on eating the right food. If you are too focused on food you probably eat too much or not enough, binge or starve. If you exercise too much what are you neglecting? We all know those whom have taken “work” to the extreme. Of course we all need to make money so we can live in the world but if we overwork then who or what is getting put on the back burner? Usually relationships.

We instinctually know the right amounts best for us. But we can get off course during the course of our course, of course. When I was young I was losing my shit because my boobs were coming in and my hips were widening and I had friends that were uber skinny and they ate Wendy’s for lunch and I was on a diet. In an attempt to “eat” what I wanted I started exercising a lot. So, “over” exercising allowed me to “over” eat which made me “overly” focused on food and exercise. Now, what got “under” nourished? My relationships, my studies and my time nourishing my soul. So, now, what am I over doing or what is getting left behind? How can I find the middle path in all things so I feel balanced and healthy?

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