Of course i am different then i was before

Of course i am different then i was before. i drank to stop worrying about stuff, so now, interestingly, i don’t worry more i just realize what i was worried that i would worry about is nothing to worry about. the ghost under the bed was the cat. the fear was all for not. i had, like, a constant undercurrent of shame just bc at some level i always felt shame for having drank last night. it always held me down, pushed my confidence down, actually in a direct relationship to how much i may have drank last night- a lot of wine= a lot of shame, a little wine=a little shame, always something oppressive going on. now, i have nothing. like no shame, i am coming out full force, clear eyed and hell on wheels, so sorry world, if i seem a lotta fire and vinegar, i don’t take no shit no mo. (and i did, allow a lot of shit in my shame days). well, i am not sorry, i take that back, i am not sorry world, HERE I AM SOBER ME, finally, OUTLOUD AND PROUD, and starting the revolution one at a time. You’re welcome world, as in, you’re welcome to join me. I love all of you all drinkers, non-drinkers, but I spent too many years campaigning for more alcohol, more drinking, more people to toast my 5th wine glass, and i have switched teams. So, don’t take offense. please alcohol lovers, carry on, do yo thing, i will still toast you with my LaCRoix, i just need to be loud over hear ( i am a loud one ) so i can find my people.

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