Drinking Diaries: For Good

Chapter 1 and a half. No one tells the story very loudly. I mean, I never knew the rest of the story or how it unravels, i never watched anyone live a sober life long enough to see the “game changer” shit. So, I feel it could be “of interest” to you or anyone if you are considering putting down the glass for good. Fucking scary, i know, just that “for good” part turned me off so big in the negotiating days. That is the part that puts the deal off …. since it seems so severe and absolute. But, I am here to tell you. Putting down the glass for GOOD is way easier than just putting it down M- F, or alternating it with water every third time, or substituting it with light beer. Trying to manage a drinking relationship (a rather passionate one) is much more difficult then just breaking up. But the idea of breaking up, like “for good” is the rub. It is unfathomable for those who really like the swill. It is unreasonable and drastic….right? Well, that’s what I thought. Until I dove. I dove from the highest perch. I did a swan dive right off the ledge of my very comfortable, familiar, justified drinking lifestyle into the abyss of sobriety. And it worked. I hit the water. like a belly flop, it was cold, i was shell shocked, i forgot how to swim, i was worried about my survival in this new water, i started paddling, i found life rafts (my sober friends & AA) and then I found land, a new land…. then I stood up, then I walked, then I ran, then I FLEW. So that is the message. That it is awkward at first, scary and unfamiliar. Then it is learning a new way, then it is kinda good, then it is really good then it is the best thing you have ever done For Good. For me, for good, was the best way. It resulted in the Highest Good for my life. I feel like I found a pot of gold, a new source of joy, a secret passage into love, a key to the door I always wanted to enter, a path to paradise. I can’t keep it all to myself. I must share the message of good, if you do it “for good”, it is really GOOD. LOL (love your life)

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